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I am a great lover and observer of life. I often observe things, that to me, simply do not make sense. When things don't make sense I go looking.


When the truth is sought, it is always found. 

This website is a platform for me to express and share with you, all that I discover in my quest for truth, so that you too have the freedom to be truly informed.

Caroline Raphael

Why Keep Informed?

I have been passionate about change for as long as I can remember. To me when something does not make sense my first instinct is to question, what can we change or what can we do different.

To do so requires information, once I feel appropriately informed, "armed with the facts" so to speak, I feel confident to understand what needs to change and how to make that change occur.

The purpose of this website and content within is purely and utterly to inform. Everyone has a right to their opinion and freedom of speech in its purity, is the right of all citizens of this world.

When the aim is unity, there is no place for right or wrong. For the world to truly heal, we need to work together to understand why we are so divided. If you take a position or stance, at least have the decency and respect for your fellow human beings to understand why they have taken the stand or opinion they have.

Enjoy this website or not.


That is of course, your right. If you don't enjoy it then, simply close the tab, that is your Freedom of choice. If you attack, ask yourself why you feel it is your right to abuse and deny another their freedom?

Caroline Raphael

Founder of Keeping Informed with Caroline Raphael

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